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Emilio Guido

Emilio Guido was established in 1987 with a purpose on revolutionizing the men’s textile industry. We are in service with a product range including men’s suits, pants, shirts, tricots, coats, duffle coats, shoes and accesories. Produced with high standard products from high end and renowned brands from Europe.

We constantly renew ourselves and bring you affordable fashion through our numerous retail locations around the world. The foundations of our well deserved market position is built on over 20 years of experience within the textile industry. Find a store to empower your man’s wardrobe with top quality nine-to-five tailoring!

Going Global

Either you are at New York, Montreal or Istanbul, our beautifully designed stores are inspiring places for geniune men, looking for quality and affordable fashion. We want to make sure you feel welcome, whether you’re browsing or just enjoying the ambiance of our shop, there’s always something for you at Emilio Guido.

Geniune looks for every occasion is what you’ll find when you shop the men’s clothing at Emilio Guido. Whether you are looking for an outfit for work or casual occasions, we’ve got exactly what you need. We will continue to expand globally with a purpose to make our products accessible at every corner around the world.

Affordable Fashion

Get the perfect look with polished and top quality nine-to-five men’s suit or suit separates from Emilio Guido. We have suits to fit every shape – slim fit, modern fit, traditional fit and big and tall suits – we stock it all at prices that fits to every budget. Don’t forget to complete the look with men’s shirts and ties to match.

Of course, if its casual men’s clothing what you’re looking for, we have that as well. Men’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, jackets and accessories, they are all available in Emilio Guido stores! Revolutionize your wardore today with affordable luxury goods from Emilio Guido.

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We pride ourselves on our quality crafted goods. After all 1,000+ customers can’t be wrong.

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